Rytec Electric Electrician Columbia SC

Rytec Electric Electrician Columbia SC

When it comes to getting a quick and professional electrical repair, there is only one name that homeowners can trust, Rytec Electric.

electrician Columbia SCRytec Electric is a high-end electricity company based in the heart of New York City. We specialize in high-end residential and commercial work. We have a committed and highly professional customer service department that takes care of all of our customers’ electrical needs. We have been in the business for many years and have a great team of well trained and insured professionals ready to handle all electrical repairs, large and small. And thanks to our professional work, we have won the praise of many of our clients.



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Electrician in Columbia SC


Electrical problems are quite common in commercial and residential properties and, because of the danger they pose to the security of both your home and family members, they need to be dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

Electrician in Columbia SC

Our years of experience allow us to help you meet any type of electrical need, no matter how difficult, large or small. If you are in search for experienced electricians in lexington SC, then Rytec Electric must be your choice.

Why Should Only Professionals and Not You Deal with Your Electrical Problems?

Electrical systems in residential electrician Columbia SC and commercial properties are connected to the electrical grid. Thus, any effort you make to solve your electrical problems yourself can backfire and, in some cases, can cause serious ramifications.

If you are truly concerned about your safety, that of your family and your property, you should always call a trustworthy and experienced electrician for a professional and safe job. This way, all problems will be handled in accordance with safety guidelines, and you will have peace of mind.

Apart from security issues, trying to resolve any electrical issues your self can make it hard for you to resell your home. The reason for it is that proper permits must be obtained before carrying out any work at your home, especially when it’s related to construction or electricity.

In the absence of work permit, homeowners and commercial property owners can be fined and, in some cases, may be forced to tear down all new additions.

All homes and properties which are not within the code will face serious difficulties in being sold.

Thus, if you want to save yourself a headache while ensuring the utmost safety of your family members, then it’s your responsibility to hire a qualified professional for all your electrical needs.

Find A Residential Electrician Near Me

There can be so many reasons why you may need a competent and well-equipped electrician. Whether you need to improve your connections to support USB ports or plan to upgrade your central electrical panel to make your home more modern and responsive to changing technological needs, you need to receive training from as many electrical contractors as possible to ensure you get a competitive quote without sacrificing safety and quality of work.

In addition to being able to respond and resolve the problem quickly, professionals are familiar with the different types of circuits used in homes and commercial properties. This knowledge helps them to quickly identify the main cause of any electrical disturbance and allows them to take the necessary measures to prevent such a problem from recurring in the future.

Now, there are many agencies and individuals who claim to be professionals and have years of experience in this field of work, but you can’t just trust anyone bluntly. Here are some important questions you should ask an electrician before hiring them to do work on your property:

1. Do they have a license?

2. Are there workers insured?

3. Do they provide a warranty on their work and the equipment they have installed?

4. Will they be doing the work, or will they be hiring subcontractor for the job?

Before hiring a contractor, be sure to ask for references. Then, it is your responsibility to contact their former clients and obtain their opinions on the quality of the contractor’s work, professionalism and customer service. Then you should check with your contractor about his specialties.

Now, you must understand that there are few electrical contractors who specialize in commercial work and are not as skilled in residential electrician in Columbia SC electrical work.

Why should you hire Rytec Electric Electrician in Columbia?

Our founder Steven Scheeler had the vision to create one of the most high-end specialty residential electrical contracting firms in Lexington, South Carolina.

The company was built around our reputation. Reputation consisting of hard work, close collaboration, and exceeding our client’s expectations as well as a dedicated and professional team of our field technicians and office staff.

We offer high-end residential interior wiring services being brought up from the basements of the apartments.

We offer installation services for LED lighting, recessed as well as landscape lighting. We also provide detailed electrical safety inspections along with electrical upgrades, and all our services are available 24X7.

We also specialize in pool, spa, hot tab wiring, along with installation services for childproof outlets, smoke detectors, breaker replacements, and more.

Here at Rytec Electric, safety is paramount. What we try to do is to install a safety culture between our technicians, the general contractors and anyone who does work on the site so that all that is working in the vicinity of our site have the safety knowledge that they need to move forward and to ensure a safe work site.

Over the years we have evolved to become one of South Carolina’s premier Residential contractors Rytec Electric has started to embark on some major commercial projects throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and specifically Georgia.

We have also worked on various commercial projects, including high-end retail law office fit-outs, custom commercial office fit-outs, higher education, and any commercial project where attention to safety detail is paramount. Paolo electric takes pride in their collaboration with general contractors. The owner Steven and the whole team take pride and treat every project as if it’s the only project.

Our dedicated office staff works with the general contractor as well as the client to make sure that the client is pleased from the beginning to the end of the process. I one of the most competitive cities in the world we would like to raise the bar in quality and satisfaction. The mission of Rytec electric is to surpass and exceed our client expectation as well as to build long-lasting relationships.

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