splash sucksElectrical inspections are recommended for anyone looking to purchase a home, install a new appliance, complete a major renovation, or improve overall energy efficiency. During an electrical inspection, a certified electrician from Rytec Electric LLC will check your Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina property for loose-fitting outlets, fuse box or circuit breaker issues, and other potential hazards or code violations.

When you choose Rytech Electric for your home or business inspection, you’re ensuring every aspect of your wiring and electrical equipment will be running up to code. It’s important to remember that code regulations often change year-to-year, so even when an inspection was completed recently, it’s always good practice to have a professional give your property a thorough review before working on any electrical components.

New Property Electrical Inspections

Purchasing a new home or business property can be an extensive process. It’s vital to have a property inspection before purchase, but many buyers forget to have a licensed electrician perform an electrical inspection as well.

The purpose of a property inspection is to have a professional give a review of the state of the surface of your potential purchase. The electrical side of these inspections usually involves checking to see if light switches work, flipping circuit breakers, and a quick attic inspection for frayed wires. It’s important to have an additional inspection in order to avoid costly repairs or damages down the road.

An electrical inspection for a new property involves a much more detailed process not covered by an overall property inspection. Rytec Electric’s certified electricians will evaluate the:

  • Circuit breaker or fuse box
  • Unused opening are closed
  • Labeling of breakers and wires
  • Proper grounding
  • Outlet and light switch heights
  • Discoloring of outlets or light switches
  • Wire anchoring and intact insulation
  • And much, much more!

It’s always important to fully understand the state of your home or business’ electrical systems and that they are all up to code. If you’re moving into an older building, the wiring may need to be replaced to preserve your safety and prevent fires. If you choose to forgo redoing the wiring, it is recommended to contact Rytec Electrical for regular inspections so you’ll be aware of any problems that could arise.

Inspections for Appliance Installation or Major Renovations

Installing new appliances or beginning any major renovations involve a property’s electrical system, and you should avoid compromising safety for the sake of cost. Before you begin your project, it is recommended to consult with a certified Rytec Electric electrician for an electrical inspection.

When we perform a review of the electrical systems, we examine the wiring and setup for the amount of power and positioning of the wiring to best suit your needs. We’ll offer insight on the safest way to arrange your new appliances or where to move outlets during your renovations. Our team works directly with you to ensure your project is completed with safety and building codes in mind.

Improve Energy Efficiency

We also inspect your home or business and determine if you could make any changes to improve the efficiency of your electrical system. This can help you save money on your current costs, and it can help your business or home become more energy efficient for the sake of the environment.

Schedule an inspection with an electrician from Rytec Electric, serving North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, by calling us at 803-399-8879.