Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels

The electrical panel is the routing point of all electricity in your home or business. Starting at the street, electricity is routed through your home or business by the service panel and from there is distributed to lights, appliances, and electric outlets. This critical part of your electrical system should be installed and maintained by a trusted expert. At Rytec Electric LLC, we stand behind our work. All electrical panels are backed by a one year warranty and we offer free estimates on all installations.


Our Electrical Panels Have Everything Your Home Needs

Many home and business owners fail to recognize the importance of electrical panels within their building. When you encounter issues with your panel, it becomes a big deal, since it’s the main hub of power coming into your building. Rytec Electric’s certified electricians focus on following all building codes and safety procedures when installing a new panel or repairing the one on-site. We ensure your panel will handle the correct amount of amperage appropriate for your structure as well.

The Right Amount of Power

Our certified electricians are able to determine the right amount of amperage for your home or business needs. We begin by looking at overall functionality, future needs, and safety concerns. Our team wants to ensure that your property will always function with the right amount of power, without overloading the panel’s breakers.   

Building Code Compliance

Building code compliance is absolutely critical. Without proper permits and codes, your panel could compromise the safety of your building. Compliance with current codes ensures your electrical system will function safely, and your building can be properly insured. If you ever choose to sell your building, you’ll avoid a lot of future headaches as well.

Why Replace Your Old Service Panel?

Many homeowners with older properties find themselves wondering why they need to install a new electrical panel. Rytec Electric recommends upgrading old panels for several reasons:

  • No longer meet building codes
  • Risk of circuit overloads
  • Increased chance of electrical fires
  • Inadequate amperage to run all components

At Rytec Electric, we can help you decide whether or not your home’s electrical panel can meet your needs and current building codes. We’ll inspect your current electrical panel for free and provide you with an estimate for replacement.

Call Us To Get Started Today

The electricity you use to run your home or business cannot work without an electrical panel. You should always consider the safety, functionality, and building codes required with your panel. Get started with our team of professionals today and we’ll begin with a free estimate to repair or replace your panel today!