Commercial Services


Each business has unique needs when it comes to their electrical systems. Commercial systems are often more complicated than those of residential properties. It’s important to contact a team of professionals who specialize in commercial electrical services to work with your business. Rytec Electric, LLC works with companies large and small in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

At Rytec Electric, we are able to help you find a solution for your electrical needs and keep all of your equipment running safely. We work with you directly to determine the needs of your business and come up with a solution that fits those requirements. Our experts ensure your service centers around you as the business owner and is always a safe and effective solution to your electrical needs.

Commercial Electrical Installations

Commercial installations require licensed electricians with experience working with any type of commercial building. We’re able to complete commercial wiring upgrades, telecommunications wiring, and commercial electrical installations. With over 15 years of experience, our team is able to work quickly, safely, and effectively to provide you with top-quality work.

Electrical Maintenance and Repair


At Rytec Electric, we don't just install new equipment, our electricians also conduct repairs and maintenance on your current system. Routine yearly maintenance can help detect problems in your electrical components before they cause serious complications.

Our team always recommends conducting yearly maintenance in order to prevent serious events in the future and prevent costly repairs. Our team keeps up with the current codes and will make the necessary changes so you remain safe and compliant. We also offer our commercial customers the option of electrical repairs. If you're experiencing a problem, our electrician will come to your business and correct the problem as soon as possible so you can resume running your business as soon as possible.

Electrical Audits

If you feel that you are paying an excessive amount each month for your electric bill, we recommend having one of our professionals conduct an electrical audit. During these audits, we will come into your facility and evaluate all of your equipment to confirm that everything running properly. If the system is not running as it should, you could be paying more than you have to for utilities.

Contact Rytec Electric, LLC, serving Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, by calling 803-399-8879 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

Commercial projects

Augusta Dollar General

Augusta Dollar General Augusta, Georgia

Rytec Electric performed a "ground-up" electric project for the Augusta Dollar General. We were involved in this construction from day one, working closely with the on-site contractors to ensure the entire electrical system was installed safely, efficiently, and on-schedule. We installed underground wiring, overhead lighting, low-voltage wiring, and high-efficiency energy management systems.  

Leesville Dollar General

Leesville Dollar General Leesville, South Carolina

Rytec Electric oversaw and carried out the entire electric project for the construction of Leesville's Dollar General. This project was special, thanks to the size of this store and the addition of a full refrigeration system. We installed all of the electrical systems for the refrigerators, lighting, underground systems, and electrical management system. We ensured all electrical systems were efficient, safe, and reliable. We enjoyed working with Dollar General's location in Leesville, SC and look forward to future commercial projects.

McBean Dollar General

McBean Dollar General McBean, Georgia

The McBean Dollar General was a new commercial building and required a full electrical system installation. We worked alongside on-site contractors to install underground systems, lighting, outdoor lighting and signage, energy management systems, breaker boxes, and low-voltage wiring. 

Metal Pole Building Auto Shop

Metal Pole Building Auto Shop

Rytec Electric has completed several building electrical system installations, including this one for an Auto Body Shop. This metal pole building was specifically designed for specialty high-performance automobiles, which required special electrical systems to be installed. 

Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse Hickory, North Carolina

Rytec Electric worked on 30 Outback Steakhouse locations in order to retrofit existing electrical systems to be more efficient. We performed an LED conversion from standard incandescent bulbs to high-efficiency bulbs in Outback locations all over North Carolina. 

Port Royal Dollar General

Port Royal Dollar General Port Royal, South Carolina

Port Royal's Dollar General was a new construction project that required underground systems, lighting both in- and outdoors, energy management systems, and low-voltage wiring. We worked alongside contractors to complete this project safely, efficiently, and with top-quality equipment.

Sonic Remodel

Sonic Remodel Lexington, South Carolina

The Lexington, SC Sonic required a new indoor seating area and renovation, along with an entire electrical system upgrade. Rytec Electric worked with contractors to safely demolish the front of the building to make room for the new addition along with the installation of the new wiring and breaker boxes.

Warrenville Dollar General

Warrenville Dollar General Warrenville, South Carolina

The construction of the Warrenville Dollar General store required an entire electrical system installation which included low-voltage wiring, lighting, underground wiring, and an energy management system. Rytec completed this new commercial construction project on-time and on-budget, working closely with builders and company management.

White Knoll High School Computer Lab

White Knoll High School Computer Lab Lexington, South Carolina

White Knoll High School upgraded a standard classroom into a 21st century classroom computer lab and required power poles to be installed to accommodate new outlets and low-voltage wiring. Rytec Electric installed the poles and safely adjusted the building's wiring for the room's upgrades.

"If anyone is in need of electrical repairs, I HIGHLY recommend Rytec Electric LLC! We had them upgrade the service on our house before the storm for a great price and incredible service. They cleaned up everything after the job was complete. Even with a couple request for additional work after the job they accommodated and took care of them quickly. However, I am most impressed with the customer service. Rytec took my call at all hours on any day... most importantly on this last Sunday as the intense flooding began. When I discovered flooding in my crawlspace they purchased... delivered...installed...and helped us protect as much of the house as possible from further damage. Then even called back to check on us later in the day and evening. I typically am horrible at actually going through and recommending people but this company is great! I am sure you will have a similar experience should you need their services." J. Searson